how might i

  • How might the Studio become dislocator of known habits & cradle boundless uncertainty?
  • What might happen when I turn my attention to the uncertain?
  • How might I Interact with the uncertain air in my studio?
  • how might I go beyond explanation & certainty?
  • How might my image field look like if guided by uncertainty?
  • How might I place value on uncertainty?
  • How might I find a reprieve from the known to inhabit the territory of the unexpected?
  • How might I encourage rash, impulsive actions?
  • How might I fall outside of the safety of my own experience?
  • How might I contemplate more than I intended?
  • How might I embrace situations unlike those that have come before?
  • How might I be earnest about thoughts led astray?
  • Embrace serendipitous moments – you never know where they might lead/land – responsive to the moment
  • What conversations might I have with myself?
  • How might I lose my sense of time? (As if I had all the time (in the world))
  • How might I navigate through the paralysis of thought & work with gay abandon?
  • How might I work in harmony with my emotions & elevated perceptions
  • How might I embrace serendipitous random moments & not know where they might land?
  • How might a map about being lost look like?
  • How might I go mind wandering?
  • How might I make important the pauses?
  • Engage with willful disorientation
  • How might I be guided by the connections between ‘things’ that only my thoughts can disrupt?

 Can I for now live without the answers?